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Welcome to my personal inspirational blog where my mind talks! I’m so glad you’re here.

I always wanted to have my own blog where I can express myself, share amazing budgeting, saving money tips along with time-management and productivity hacks that I know! They help me live my best life no matter where I am.

I love being helpful to people, share, and inspire. This website is created to keep track of my progress and help my readers improve their productivity mindset and financial situation along the way.

I truly believe that our mindset determines our success in life!

I want my readers to know me better, so…


My name is Alexandra (friends call me Sasha) and I recently moved to The United States from South Korea, where I was living for 5 years, being a full-time college student, majoring in Business Administration.

Originally I am from Kazakhstan, which is one of the Post-Soviet states, located in Central Asia and my first language is Russian.

I am a young adult, wife, and mother of an amazing baby. Now we are living in South Carolina. Also, we are an international family, my husband is from Puerto Rico, I am from Kazakhstan, and we met in Korea. How crazy life is! Our family loves traveling, and that is one of many reasons why I love being able to work from any part of the world.

I was raised in a great family and my parents are amazing people, who have been in their marriage for 25 years, and they are still young! I love and miss them so much since they live in my home country. I also have a sweet sister who is almost 6 years younger than me, she’s got a lovely personality. I am grateful that I’m living in an era where I can Facetime them and see in 10 seconds, no matter where I am.

My friends say I am good at giving advice, so I want to always be available for my readers, because I know, sometimes, people don’t have anyone they can share with or they are too shy and embarrassed. I want all my readers to know that if anyone has anything they’d like to share with me, I’m here to listen. Just contact me, don’t be afraid, many people have already shared their stories!

I really enjoy reading about personal finance, business, marketing, and psychology. So my purpose here is to inform, inspire, and help others and myself achieve the best no matter where we are!